SONAX Engine Cleaner 500ML

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SONAX Engine Cleaner has outstanding infiltration ability, enabling it to reach even the most inaccessible places in your engine bay. Until now, parts of the engine bay that couldn’t be scrubbed with a brush remained dirty – that’s not the case with SONAX Engine Cleaner! The safe, powerful formula immediately begins to remove oil and grease from every surface that it makes contact with, ensuring no area goes unnoticed.

SONAX Engine Cleaner is strong enough to cut through grease and grime, but still gentle enough not to stain or discolor air conditioning lines, brake lines, etc. SONAX Engine Cleaner is safe on metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces.

After you clean and degrease your engine with SONAX Engine Cleaner, apply a coat of Detailer’s Trim Detailer. This will protect vinyl and rubber components while giving plastic engine shrouds a deep, dark luster.

500 ml.
Made in Germany