Lake Country Rotary Extensions 3" & 6"

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The Lake Country Rotary Extensions Kit helps you reach tight areas with a polisher easier than ever before! Sometimes when you are polishing, you hit a tight area that your rotary polisher cannot fit into safely. With this kit, you will have two extension sizes to help you reach these areas safely and easily. The 3" and 6" extensions are both made out of high-quality stainless steel and notched for easy tightening and removal with a wrench. The male and female threads are both 5/8"-11, the most common thread size for rotary polishers in the U.S. The 3" and 6" sizes not long enough? No problem just screw them together and you have a 9" long extension! Polishing tight areas, between side mirrors, a-pillars, spoilers, in and around scoops, curves, engine bays, etc. will be much easier. 

This kit comes with (1) 3" and (1) 6" Extension Per Bag