The hardest place to clean on your vehicle is the rims and lug nuts.

In fact, many car aficionados would compare it to sweeping a beach. The plain truth is a lot of us love what gets us from a-to-b and we have a little passion behind being the one to clean our machine!

The Woolly WormIt

Never fear WoollyWormit is here. Meet the innovative rim and lug nut cleaner that has been tried and tested to fit most stock rims. WoollyWormit is adjustable so that you can get to the backside of the rim where the muck likes to hide. A microfiber sleeve fits over the bendable insert to create the ultimate rim-cleaning tool.

Save your worn out toothbrushes for the tile grout. One end of the WoollyWormit has a convenient lug nut cleaning sponge that fits right over those hard to get lug nuts and helps scrub away the filth that builds up between the lug nuts and the actual rim. The integrated lug nut cleaner comes in two different sizes (both included) to fit the vast majority of passenger vehicle stock rims found on the roads today.

The WoollyWormit was engineered for professionals - but, designed for you!

WoollyWormit is a patented 13 inch-long, tapered and bendable brush body wrapped in a removable/replaceable/washable soft chenille microfiber cover designed to safely and effectively clean all delicate wheel surfaces found inside and outside the rims – even where you can’t see.  The brush body can clean the surface areas of any rim.

Plus, unlike other wheel brushes, the WoollyWormIt features the very handy integrated convenient lug nut cleaner (that comes in two sizes, and both are included).  The lug nut cleaners are designed to fit and clean the vast majority of OEM car rims.