In Japan "Fusso" Wax means Fluorine Wax, or fluoropolymer wax.  It is a fluoro-carbon based polymer with multiple carbon-fluorine bonds.  Such molecular composition is very strong against solvents, salts, corrosion substances, and with very high temperature resistance.  Another term many may be more familiar with is PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or Teflon (Named by DuPont after their discovery).  PTFE is known to their friction reducing, hydrophobic, non stick characteristics (commonly used on non stick frying pans).  "Fusso" is a white solid at room temperature with a melting temperature at over 300C and still maintains its structure integrity down to -250C; to make this applicable as a wax, different resins are used to soften the PTFE blend to make it applicable, thus when working with the Fusso Coat, make sure to do small sections at a time, or it can get slightly hard to buff off.  Another important note is apply thin coats, thick coats can leave shadows due to the PTFE not able to level evenly, but can easily be corrected by using an all purpose cleaner or rubbing alcohol.