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The Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes are specifically designed to help you safely clean even the most sensitive areas inside and outside of your vehicle. We recommend you pick up the Small size for interiors and the Large size for your exterior surfaces. When cleaning areas like the navigation screen, gauges, dashboard, buttons, knobs, vents, painted areas around emblems, etc. they are not only sensitive but hard to clean with all of the edges, nooks, crannies, etc. With the Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes, the bristles will help you reach all of these areas, easily removing dust and dirt. The larger version is commonly used on wheels as well since it's a great cleaner and very soft and safe. It can also be used on the trim, moldings, emblems, grill, etc. If you have stubborn build ups the synthetic bristles are resistant to most chemicals so you can use it with your favorite wheel cleaner, interior cleaner, degreaser, etc. The ergonomically designed and textured handle allows for easy grip, even when wet and the two sizes give you options for any detailing step. If you want a brush that gives you the confidence to clean virtually any surface the Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes are what you need!


  • Small - 6.5" Length, 1.75" Brush Length, .75" Brush Diameter
  • Large - 9.5" Length, 2" Brush Length, 1" Brush Diameter